The CPCS wants to share its expertise at the interface of law, philosophy handentraliesand theology by offering education, training and other services. These services are provided to universities, ecclesiastic and societal organisations that are concerned with prison chaplaincy and aftercare.

Currently, the CPCS is involved in the academic and post academic education of students and prison chaplains by means of courses, conferences and lectures. Furthermore, our staff members are participating in the regular education of ministers, priests and pastors at the PThU and Tilburg University.

The Centre can offer relevant research and input on issues like:

  • In-care and aftercare for prisoners
  • volunteer(organisations) involved with (former) prisoners
  • theologiscal themes likeĀ evil, guilt, revenge, forgiveness and reconciliation
  • chaplaincy in institutions
  • Ethics of profession and professional qualities of chaplains
  • monitoring and implementation of human rights in detention
  • universal human rights and cultural diversity
  • restorative chaplaincy
  • theoretical consideration of punishment