Theo de Wit


Prof.dr. Theo W.A. de Wit studied Theology and Philosophy at Radboud University, Nijmegen. Since 1986 he has been teaching social-political and cultural philosophy at Tilburg University and the Faculty of Catholic Theology, Utrecht. His PhD-thesis was about Carl Schmitt’s political philosophy (De onontkoombaarheid van de politiek, Nijmegen, 1992). He publishes frequently on social-ethical and political-philosophical issues.

He published as (co-)editor a.o. Solidariteit. Filosofische kritiek, ethiek en politiek, Amsterdam (1999), De ordening van het verlangen, Zoetermeer (1999) Gevoel zonder grenzen. Authentiek leven, medelijden en sentimentaliteit, Nijmegen (2000), De nieuwe achteloosheid, Kampen (2001), Humanisme en Religie, Delft (2005), Ongewenste goden, Amsterdam (2006). His current focus areas are democracy and power, politics and religion, and multiculturalism and tolerance.

His research focuses on (1) the legitimacy of prison pastoral care in a secular context, (2) the cultural-political-philosophical diagnosis of the relationship between society, state, prison and pastoral care, (3) relevant ethical and political issues (resentment, reconciliation, despair and hope), and (4) international contacts and exchange on an international level on these issues. See here for De Wits publicatons.

Reijer de Vries


Dr. Reijer J. de Vries studied Theology in Utrecht and worked in the period 1980-2009 in several protestant congregations. Since 2009 he has been assistant professor practical theology at the Protestant University, location Utrecht (after September 2012 location Amsterdam), with the focus pastorate.

He concentrates in his work for the Centre on (1) pastoral-theological reflection on biblical-theological key words like guilt, forgiveness, reconciliation in the context of the pastoral conversation, (2) pastoral-theological reflection on the metanoia of people in its relation to belief and pastoral intervention, (3) pastoral care in prisons and the involvement of christian congregations and (4) development of the curriculum of education for prison chaplaincy.

He published amongst others Gods woord verandert mensen. Een praktisch-theologisch onderzoek naar het veranderingsconcept in de pastorale theologie van Eduard Thurneysen, Gorinchem, 2008. See here for De Vries’ publications.

R. (Renske) Kruizinga

Dr. Renske Kruizinga studied Journalism at the Christian University in Ede and Religious Studies at VU University Amsterdam in Amsterdam. Her PhD-thesis was on spirituality in cancer patients: “Out of the blue; experiences of contingency in advanced cancer patients.” This PhD study was a collaboration between the Department of Medical Oncology at the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam and the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies at Radboud University Nijmegen. As a secretary and researcher Renske is affiliated with Tilburg University, where she works for the Center for Justice Pastoral Care and the Case Studies Project.