The Centre for Prison Chaplaincy researches the fielf of prision chaplaincy in its many facets. This involves the quality of pastoral care, but also critical reflection on the dynamics of execution of punishment. The Centre has a biforced approach: on the one hand it focuses on themes of research that are vivid in the academy, but on the other hand the Centre connects to needs and developments in the working field. The Centre contributes to the quality of prison chaplaincy by offering acadamic publications and by making this knowledge accessible for the practice of prison chaplaincy (valorisation).


Currently, the following research themes have our attention:

  • ethics in correctional institutions (De Wit en Den Toom)
  • religiously inspired networks of aftercare in a society of participation (De Vries)
  • best practices¬†of prison chaplaincy (De Vries)
  • theoretical consideration of restorative chaplaincy
  • loss, resilience and hope in detention

The Centre is willing to accept PhD-proposals or post-doc projects.


Are you a student and do you want to research prison chaplaincy? The staff members of the Centre are willing to provide guidance for a bachelor thesis, master thesis or PhD. Several students participated in our research in the past years. We invite you to contact Reijer de Vries. In consultation with him, you can determine your subject.


Research of the past years have resulted in multiple publications. Below you will find our English publications. For more information about publications of our staff members, see their profile on the Staff page.